CondiGhiotto Crumble

Preparation time: 30 minutes


  • 1 Condighiotto 180 g. jar
  • 100 g. of fresh spreadable cheese
  • 100 g. olives pâté
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 courgette

For crumble::

  • 40 g. of flour
  • 10 g. almond flour
  • 20 g. grana padano cheese
  • 50 g. cold butter
  • rosemary
  • salt


Mix spreadable cheese with the olive pâté. By using an icing bag fill up the little glass jars. Boil the diced courgette and the carrot. Dress with salt and extra virgin olive oil.

In order to prepare the crumble, mix all the other ingredients and blend; put in oven up to 170 degrees for 8/9 minutes then allow it cool.

Fill the little jars in layers with the vegetables followed by the CondiGhiotto/Superpasta and top them with the crumble.