Porcini mushrooms

Dry Porcino Special | 50g

Fragrant and tasty, porcini mushrooms are dried naturally and packed by hand. Suitable for many recipes.

Porcini mushrooms are one of the most precious fruits of the forest, not cultivated but expertly picked. The scent of these mushrooms evokes that of warm risottos, tasty sauces and homemade roasts.


Dried porcini mushrooms use the oldest method of preservation: natural drying. This process eliminates the liquid part of the mushroom, while preserving its characteristics and taste. We prepare them carefully in our factory, using only natural methods for cleaning the slices. To use them in the kitchen, simply soak them in warm water, or follow one of the methods described in GhiottoNews.

Dried porcini mushrooms are particularly suitable for the preparation of sauces and dressings, but they can also be used for many other preparations in the kitchen: savoury pies, side dishes, trifle mushrooms.

Ingredients and allergens

Dried porcini mushrooms (Boletus edulis and its group).

Nutritional Values (per 100 g product)

Energy value 1,127 kJ / 266 kcal Fat 4.26 g- of which saturated fatty acids 0.57 g Carbohydrates 26 g- of which sugars 2.2 g Protein 31 g. Salt 0.10 g.