Porcini mushrooms

Whole porcini mushrooms | g. 290 Square Jar

Whole cep mushrooms, carefully cleaned, checked one by one for quality, treated with vinegar and natural herbs, then arranged in jars with olive oil


A long trandition in mushrooms preservation and in the making of typical appetizers, always with high quality and handmade production. This is the secret of Galfrè Antipasti d’Italia, established in Barge in 1901 with the aim to promote in Italy and abroad unique and delicious products.


Funghi porcini (Boletus edulis e relativo gruppo) 64%, Olio di oliva 35%, aceto di vino, sale, aromi naturali.

Nutritional values for 100 grams of product

Valore energetico 170 kJ / 41 kcal Grassi 2,3 g- di cui acidi grassi saturi 0,4 g Carboidrati 3,3 g.- di cui zuccheri 0 g.Proteine 1,7 g.Sale 0,8 g