Outdoor Vacation: What to Cook in a Camper and While Camping

Ready to Go on Summer Vacation? If You Love the Outdoors Like Us, Here Are Our Tips for Cooking in a Camper and Camping.

Summer is just around the corner, and the desire to be outdoors is growing. If you're passionate about camper travel or planning a camping vacation, this article might interest you. We'll give you a series of tips to cook effortlessly in a camper or camping, along with some tricks to save time without sacrificing healthy and tasty meals. Ready to join us?

Cooking in a Camper

When traveling in a camper, the main enemy is always the same: space. Everyone wants to be comfortable on board, so optimal management of storage spaces is essential for a peaceful journey.

This rule also applies to the kitchen. It's always preferable to have few dishes, not overly bulky. The same goes for what we store in the pantry. Small packages, preferably in cans (glass can break easily, metal withstands even a few accidental falls).

Essential items on board should always include pasta and rice, oil, salt, and sugar. Canned tuna, legumes, and packaged vegetables can be the perfect quick lunch solution.

In summer, we always prefer something fresh and light at the table: a rice salad or pasta salad, perhaps seasoned with our Po, vegetables, and tuna or with the legendary Ghiotto, tuna with porcini mushrooms. Ready in no time, it can be stored on board in the fridge and enjoyed even the day after preparation.

Cooking in a Camp

When it comes to camping cooking, it usually refers to a small stove, a cooktop, and little else. Just like in a camper, space is precious, and effective organization is essential to make the most of the outdoor experience.

Cold dishes, vegetables, pasta, and rice are indispensable. With daily shopping, you can add fruit and something simple to prepare using your small camp kitchen.

In the pantry, always keep essential ingredients like pasta, rice, oil, salt, sugar, vinegar, and canned foods.

Shopping Management

When traveling with a camper or camping, we can shop every day. This is the preferred method: buy a few things and do it frequently.

It's best not to store too many foods in the fridge or pantry, especially when it comes to meat, fish, vegetables, or fruit.

It's better to buy what we think we will need for the day or for a couple of days, no more: when it comes to fresh food, it's advisable to act this way to avoid excess waste!

This is not a practical tip, but an invitation to try: when traveling, experiment with something new. Every place visited, every city or town always has some little gem to try, a particular ingredient, a fruit we're not used to consuming. If we include it in our daily shopping, we'll undoubtedly have some pleasant surprises.

Ready-Made Meals

Let's address the perennial issue of ready-made meals: are they healthy? How to choose the right one?

We suggest always checking the labels. Look at the ingredients and where the items you intend to purchase are produced. Consider that often the shorter the ingredient list, the better the product.

Ghiotto Galfrè has been producing Piedmontese specialties for over a century: for us, quality is everything. We've preserved the old family recipes, especially the special sauce that accompanies our products. A concentrate of Mediterranean flavors, with an enveloping aroma and unmistakable taste, as genuine as homemade.

A ready-made meal can be excellent if produced with care and great attention to detail. Choose carefully and evaluate each purchase; the tasting will be the definitive proof of the quality of what you chose to bring to the table. With Ghiotto Galfrè you choose tantalizing ready-made meals to open and enjoy anytime, easy to use and share.

In the Name of Lightness (Without Sacrificing Taste)

When enjoying an outdoor vacation, whether it's a camper trip or a camping stay, it's always better to opt for light and nutritious dishes.

You can follow our tips for athletes: if the meals suggested are good for those who love sports, they will surely be the best choice for you too.

Eating a light meal doesn't mean sacrificing taste, quite the opposite! You can let your creativity run wild and use spices, either pure or mixed, to flavor your dishes with an unusual touch. Also, play with cooking methods: steaming, grilling, stir-frying, baking (if you have one installed in the camper). Our Po appetizer, for example, combines natural tuna with diced vegetables, all seasoned with a tangy tomato sauce that makes a great dish with only 70 kcal per 100 g.

As you can see, organizing the kitchen in a camp or camper is not difficult, and the limitations are not many compared to home. All that's left is to leave and enjoy your vacation!

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