Italian Christmas Menu: choose CondiGhiotto for an unmistakable!

It's porcini mushrooms season! Discover how to prepare a perfect traditional Christmas menu, thanks to the unmistakable flavour of our CondiGhiotto.

The Christmas menu in Piedmont is a symbol of abundance and a concentration of traditional flavors. Rich, hearty, and full of taste dishes, perfect examples of enogastronomy excellence. A short introduction to the main courses: learn what should not be missed on the table and discover how to enrich your dishes with our exclusive CondiGhiotto.

The classic Piedmontese Christmas menu


Piedmontese kitchen is well-known for a wide range of appetizers: veal tongue with green sauce (a sauce made by expertly mixing parsley, garlic, anchovies, and oil) is probably the most appreciated. Anchovies are a must: they are used in the preparation of the iconic bagna cauda sauce, and served with vegetables or bread. If you love anchovies, try ours: prepared with an exclusive family recipe, one leads to another!

Carne cruda all'albese, seasoned with just a drizzle of EVO oil and parmesan shavings, could bring one the typical flavors of Piedmont to the table. To make it even more special, we suggest to serve it with meaty porcini mushrooms in oil. Choose whole Porcini Mushrooms in oil, a classic signed Ghiotto Galfré, unique thanks to a pinch of vinegar. For a lighter flavor, try the Delicate Taste Porcini Mushrooms, an alternative version made with just a little bit of oil.

First Courses

Fresh pasta is a must, there is no Christmas in Italy without homemade pasta. Whether it's agnolotti or tajarin, a hot dish seasoned with porcini mushroom sauce is truly indispensable at Christmas. If you want to try the authentic flavor of Piedmontese tradition, try our CondiGhiotto: a sauce made of tomato pulp and porcini mushrooms. The intense aroma of this sauce will take you on a journey through the flavor of Piedmont, offering an irresistible taste experience.

What's the secret of CondiGhiotto? The Porcini. Carefully selected, coarsely cut to have larger and tastier pieces. The tomato cooked to perfection, flavored with a mix of onion and oil: a sauce that is just like the porcini mushroom sauce you would make at home, ready to use. CondiGhiotto is also good for flavoring toasted bread or savory pies: let this delicious sauce inspire you and use it to create your next culinary masterpiece!

Main Courses

With these dishes, one of the excellences of Piedmont comes into play: meat from local farms, carefully nurtured according to centuries-old traditions. The variety on offer is very wide: Brasato al Barolo, Mixed Boiled Meat, Bra Sausage, Chestnut-Stuffed Capon, or even the unbeatable Piedmontese Mixed Fry. Every kind of meat should be served with different kind of vegetables. Carrots, spinach, potatoes: the variety is wide, as well as the cooking methods.

In case of white meats dishes, we suggest to choose our Piedmontese Giardiniera: open it, warm it up and serve it for an unique and exquisite side dish. 


Reaching the dessert could be a real feat! But for the bravest, the offering will be extremely tempting. People could find with the classic Bunet, a spoon dessert with ancient origins (already mentioned in a document from the 13th century). Its name comes from bonèt ëd cusin-a, the chef's hat: the name by which the copper mold used to cook it, strictly in a bain-marie, was known.

For a real Italian taste, here comes the Panna cotta: usually served with a caramel syrup. According to the legend, this famous dessert was born in the Langhe area, at the beginning of the 20th century, thanks to the creativity of a Hungarian lady who moved to Piedmont. If you prefer dry cookies enjoy the traditional Paste di meliga (meliga or melia is a Piedmontese term that refers to maize flour, used for preparing these sweets), canestrelli, or cocoa Canavese biscuits.

It's impossible not to mention a classic from Turin: the Gianduja cake. Made with dark chocolate and hazelnuts (strictly from the Langhe), it's softness will give you the impression of eating a cloud made of chocolate.