The Ghiotto Galfré brand becomes a Historical Trademark

It has joined the Register of Historical Trademarks of National Interest set up by the Ministry of Economic Development.

The GHIOTTO Galfré logo, filed on 12 August 1966, is the legendary one of the ''peasant girl'' picking mushrooms at the foot of Monviso and which identifies unique specialities such as GHIOTTO the 'tuna appetiser with porcini mushrooms' and the entire line of our artisan specialities.

What are the ingredients that enable a company to reach such an important milestone? Respect for consumers, passion, loyalty to the company's founding principles, artisan care in selecting the best raw materials, and a strong bond with the territory and its gastronomic traditions, handed down from generation to generation.

Marchio Storico means Made in Italy.

In an increasingly globalised world, the typical Italian savoir-faire translates into a great ability to select, process, package and market products of absolute quality. Gastronomic specialities that have become iconic, such as the Ghiotto tuna and porcini mushroom appetiser, are the best spokesmen for the company's success.

Historical brand means giving value to an Italian history made of sacrifice, intuition, hard work and pride.

Today as yesterday, it is possible to bring specialities bearing the historic Contadinella logo to the table. A tribute to the history of the Brand, which today takes on an even more important value.

A historic brand finally means the protection of an all-Italian heritage of excellence.

An acknowledgement of the family's commitment, confirmation of the quality of a Brand that today, as in the past, intends to deliver to enthusiasts the unique flavour of timeless specialities.