3 Recipes for quick and tasty appetisers

Today we look at 3 quick and easy recipes to unleash your creativity in the kitchen without too much effort

Hors d'oeuvres are an essential component of every meal, especially for Italians, and can open the gastronomic dances with taste and originality. If you want to organise a lunch or dinner with friends or relatives, they are a great way to welcome guests with something simple, but at the same time tasty and inviting.

The preparation of the hors d'oeuvres we will see does not require any special culinary skills; all you need are quality ingredients and a little willpower to create tasty and original dishes. In this way, you will be able to please all your guests, surprising them with quick and tasty dishes, perfect for any occasion.

So let's see which starters Ghiotto Galfrè proposes::

  • Crostini with stracciatella cheese, anchovies and lemon zest
  • Savoury puffs with artichoke cream
  • Swirls of white bread with Ghiotto Tuna with porcini mushrooms

Crostini with stracciatella cheese, anchovies and lemon zest


  • 150g-200g stracciatella
  • a package of anchovies  
  • 1 lemon (even better if organic)
  • 1 loaf of bread

Start by cutting the bread into slices about 1 cm thick and toast it in the oven to make it crispy and crumbly. Then spread the stracciatella on the croutons, gently place an anchovy fillet on top and garnish with grated lemon zest. For an even tastier result, we recommend using Alici in Ghiotto Galfrè sauce, which, dipped in their special red sauce, will provide unforgettable flavours.

Savoury puffs with artichoke cream and Parmesan shavings


For this recipe, you can either buy the puffs already made (you can easily find them in the supermarket or, even better, in a good bakery), or try making them at home with your own hands. I assure you that even if you are not an experienced cook, if you choose the second option you will not regret it. The process is not difficult, but a few simple tricks are needed during baking and you will notice the difference in taste and smell.  

Take the puffs one by one, and making an incision halfway up, cut them as if they were small sandwiches to be stuffed. Then spread the Ghiotto Galfrè artichoke cream on the base of each cream puff. Finally, roughly cut some Parmesan shavings on the side and place them on top of the cream to give a salty note to our starter.

Finally, to bring out the best of the aromas and flavours of this dish, we recommend warming the cream puffs in the oven for 5 minutes at 150°C.

White Bread Puffs with Giotto Tuna and Porcini Mushrooms

For this last recipe we will need:

This is perhaps of all recipes the quickest to prepare.  

We start by discarding the edges of the bacon with a knife (alternatively, it is better to buy the white one without the crust, both to avoid this practice and to waste food). Once finished, we pour the Ghiotto Tonno con Funghi porcini into a blender and cream it. Next, we spread the resulting cream on the surface and, starting from one side, we roll the bread on itself, making it into a swivel. At this point, to keep the product compact, we wrap it in plastic wrap and place it in the refrigerator for at least an hour. About half an hour before serving, take it out of the fridge, cut it into slices of your preferred thickness and you're done. Be careful not to cut it too thick, otherwise it will be difficult to eat.

What do you think of these recipes? If they didn't convince you, you can always try our Ghiotto Galfrè recipe page, where you will find starters, first and second courses suitable for every palate and every age.

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