Scent of autumn with Ghiotto Galfrè's porcini mushroom specialities

With the arrival of October, the temperatures slowly dropping and the air becoming more and more biting, the desire to pamper oneself with rich, tasty and comforting dishes returns.

Autumn is generous with products of the earth, which here in Piedmont - in particular - give rise to tasty, full-bodied recipes, truly for all tastes. Truffles, pumpkin, hazelnuts, chestnuts... and of course the precious mushrooms that we at Ghiotto Galfrè know so well. Tasty, versatile and always ready in the larder, they are real wild cards to make your recipes special, both for everyday recipes and for special occasions.

Today we would like to better introduce you to two of our porcini mushroom specialities and leave you with a few tips on how best to use them in the kitchen.

Porcini mushrooms trifolati: much more than a side dish

They are one of the great classics of our production, and the reason is simple: we use high quality raw materials, selected strictly by hand, and a recipe handed down from generation to generation. The delicious porcini mushroom slices are carefully trifoliated, as home-made, with olive oil and a little onion: a genuine side dish for a main course, but also an exceptional ingredient to enrich every dish with flavour.

The marriage with fresh pasta is one of the most successful: pappardelle, tagliolini, ravioli, lasagne, gnocchi... choose your favourites, add our truffled porcini mushrooms and you're sure not to go wrong. If you want to go classic, combine them with polenta; if you want to dare with something more scenic, try the potato nests with porcini mushrooms: encore will be assured.

But there's more to it than first courses. Unleash your imagination and bring an explosion of flavour to the table with a focaccia with pumpkin, porcini mushrooms and gorgonzola cheese, super tasty yet very easy to make.

If, on the other hand, you're in the mood for lightness, Ghiotto Galfrè's truffled porcini mushrooms are the right ingredient to give a burst of flavour to your autumn salads, perhaps accompanied by crispy croutons or fragrant cubes of multigrain focaccia.

Porcini mushroom cream: a special touch for every dish

Imagine a velvety, full-bodied cream of porcini mushroom soup that can add a refined, mouth-watering touch to any recipe. This is our porcini mushroom cream, prepared with just a few high-quality ingredients, without thickeners or colouring agents. The porcini mushrooms are trifoliated in olive oil and onion and then pureed into a cream, resulting in a spread for tasty recipes: savoury crepes, bruschetta, but also first courses such as risotto and tagliatelle.

A precious ally for an entire menu. Start with an aperitif, combining it with thin slices of prosciutto or bacon to create irresistible canapés. Make your crespelle special with the delicate porcini mushroom cream, combining fresh pasta and béchamel in a mouth-watering embrace. And finally, forget the sad chicken breast: with our mushroom cream it will become a mouth-watering main course.

Looking for an original idea for a different dinner with friends? Try the lumberjack burger: grilled meat, caramelised onions and the strong taste of porcini mushroom cream for a sandwich that is a real taste explosion. If you're salivating, don't delay: find all our porcini mushroom products and condiments on!

And you, how will you use our specialities for your autumn recipes? Share inspirations and tips on Ghiotto Galfrè's Facebook and Instagram pages: we can't wait to try them!