Homemade pasta: how to season it in a tasty way

Is the next family meal coming up or do you simply want to try out new recipes? Perhaps the time has come to literally put your hands in the pasta! Here are some tips for dressing your pasta dishes in an original and... delicious way.

Homemade pasta is a timeless art, which over the years has become one of the symbols of Italian cuisine around the world. It is said that even the Etruscans were skilled in this preparation, so much so that among the historical finds of the time, one can clearly recognise the utensils used to make fresh pasta.

The tradition has evolved over time and even today pasta, the undisputed symbol of Made in Italy, is the protagonist of continuous experimentation and recipes handed down from generation to generation. From the choice of flour, to the proportions of the ingredients in the dough, to the seasoning: there are many variations and Ghiotto Galfrè seasonings will help you make your dish even more innovative. Here's how.

TuttoFunghi: mixed mushrooms with a full and tasty flavour, ready to heat up

Tasty mixed mushrooms trifled in olive oil, there is nothing better to bring the flavours of autumn to the table. Here in Piedmont, homemade pasta is almost synonymous with egg pasta and is often made with soft wheat flour. You've probably already heard of Tajarin! Try seasoning them by combining TuttoFunghi with chopped walnuts. If necessary, you can add a tablespoon of cream to mix everything together.

Artichoke cream, with fresh pasta and bacon is unbeatable

If you like more delicate sauces, we recommend the artichoke cream. We like to use it on ravioli or agnolotti because it is perfect for enhancing both meat fillings, such as those in our plin, and vegetarian fillings. Another idea is to combine it with pancetta to create a richer, tastier sauce. Definitely try it on tagliatelle or pappardelle!

CondiGhiotto: just like home-made

If there is one first course that perhaps beats homemade pasta, it is homemade lasagne! As you know, the traditional dish is prepared with meat sauce or sausage, but why not vary it a little? CondiGhiotto makes everyone agree, even those who don't like meat or are vegetarians. Tomato and porcini mushrooms: for us, there is no better combination.

We hope we have given you some tips for experimenting with new fresh pasta recipes. Will you try them out? Don't forget to send us your comments and a photo of your dish, you can find us as always on Facebook and Instagram.