Flavours of autumn, 5 combinations to impress your guests

For many people, autumn is the best season in the kitchen, the months when nature gives us a great variety of seasonal fruit and vegetables, when we can unleash our creativity to experiment with new recipes.

Mushrooms, pumpkin, chestnuts, cabbage, truffles: it is impossible to mention all the protagonists of autumn at the table. But the most interesting aspect of autumn recipes is that they come from incredible combinations, sometimes unusual, but undoubtedly delicious.

Are you ready to amaze your guests? Take notes, today we are going to tell you our favourites.

Mushrooms and pumpkin: much more than a side dish

Ideal for a low-calorie diet, mushrooms and pumpkin are two of the symbols of autumn. We find them combined in first courses, for example as a filling for ravioli or in risottos, or even simply stewed and used as a fragrant side dish for main courses. And let's not forget their health benefits. Pumpkin has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and, like mushrooms, is a source of many other minerals and vitamins. Looking for inspiration for a rich and healthy side dish? Our truffled porcini mushrooms are perfect for accompanying meat dishes.

Captivating flavours with artichokes and truffles

We're in Piedmont, how could we not mention the truffle? Our region is world-renowned for its White Alba Truffle, but the Black variant is also ideal for creating delicious and elegant recipes. We like to combine it with artichokes, which are also autumn vegetables, good and healthy, especially in risotto. If you are open to novelty, get ready to enjoy a dish with a strong and original taste, especially if you use our artichokes in oil instead of fresh artichokes.

When the first cold weather sets in, polenta and CondiGhiotto

Imagine a gloomy day, the desire to hole up at home and enjoy a good autumn meal, perhaps accompanied by a glass of wine. You can never go wrong with polenta, and the variety of combinations is truly incredible. Meat, cheese, sauces: you're spoilt for choice. Have you ever tried it with CondiGhiotto? Scented porcini mushrooms, a delicate sauté and tomato sauce, discover our recipe here.

Autumn salad: even better with Ghiotto

Potatoes, radicchio, cabbage: autumn salads bring the essence of the season to the table. Just look at their colour, sometimes reminiscent of tree leaves. Easy and versatile, you can enjoy them as a side dish for meat and fish dishes or as a main course during a quick lunch or at the office. And if you want to enrich them and make them even tastier, you can add a little Ghiotto, one of our most popular specialities. It is impossible to resist this combination.

Jerusalem artichoke and mushroom soup, to warm up even the coldest of souls

No, we have not forgotten the Jerusalem artichokes! Only apparently similar to potatoes and rich in fibre, these tubers are also ideal for people suffering from diabetes. We recommend combining them with mushrooms, which are good for the immune system. Try combining them in a creamy soup. If you are short of fresh mushrooms, you can experiment with Ghiotto Galfrè dried porcini: they are all hand-packed and naturally dried.

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