Artichokes in oil: comparing regional recipes and tradition

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to eat garden vegetables all year round? It was with this in mind that the recipe for artichokes in oil and many other home-made preserves was created.

In Italy, the passion for these preparations of peasant origin has been with us for generations. Here is how our grandmothers used to prepare them, the main regional variations and some suggestions on how to make the most of them in the kitchen.

Artichokes in oil: how did our grandmothers prepare them?

In the past, to prepare artichokes in oil, one of the most common home preserves, you would choose about 2 kg of artichokes, 1 litre of apple or white wine vinegar, 2 lemons, 4 tablespoons of coarse salt, 250 g of bread, and black peppercorns.

The choice fell on the smallest and most tender artichokes. First, the vegetables were cleaned, removing the tougher outer leaves and stalks. Our grandmothers then cut the lemons in half and put the cleaned vegetables, lemons, coarse salt, bread cut into pieces and cold water into a large bowl.

After leaving it to stand for a couple of hours, a pot was brought to the boil with two parts salt water and one part vinegar. The artichokes were boiled for a few minutes (3 or 4), then drained and left to cool, lying upside down on a tea towel.

The last step was to put them in sterilised jars, cover them with extra virgin olive oil, add peppercorns and a pinch of salt. The jars were sealed and stored in the pantry, away from direct sunlight.

Artichokes in oil: instructions for use

When it comes to artichokes in oil, the region you come from is the recipe you find. As you can imagine, the procedures, the additional ingredients and even the tricks of the trade vary according to regional customs and traditions. A few examples? To prepare them according to the Sardinian recipe, before covering with extra virgin olive oil and sealing the container, you will have to add a clove of garlic in pieces to the jar. The Sicilian version, on the other hand, adds chopped celery. The Neapolitan recipe is even different: in this case you will need to have a pinch of chilli pepper and a pinch of oregano to add an extra touch of flavour to your artichokes.

Artichokes in oil: have you ever tried them this way?

Not just appetisers! Artichokes in oil are great on their own, of course, but they can be really irresistible when paired with Parma ham, mocetta valdostana or a good cooked ham with herbs. They can become a mouth-watering side dish, or the main ingredient of a gourmet salad - even an irresistible schiscetta! Have you ever tried them on a good homemade pizza? Thinly sliced and added to simple rolls of bresaola, ricotta and chives, they are simply delicious. The versatility of artichokes in oil is truly great: let your imagination guide you to create tasty and wholesome dishes!

Ghiotto Galfrè Artichokes in oil: as good as home-made

Try our Carciofini in oil: we prepare them exactly as you would, choosing the best, most tender vegetables from farms that care about nature as much as we do. We only use the smallest ones: this selection allows us to offer a unique product. They are simply blanched in water and vinegar, packed in jars one by one and covered with olive oil to ensure preservation and flavour.

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