Sport and ready meals: which ones to choose?

Let's face it: sometimes a ready meal saves a meal, even for sports enthusiasts. In everyday life, we often find ourselves running... and not necessarily in the gym or on an athletics track!

Daily commitments, work and unforeseen events can throw our plans off and force us to improvise, even at the table. If you love sport, are a fitness enthusiast and are concerned about your figure and well-being, here are a few tips that may help you to keep your taste and choose quality ready meals in an informed manner.

How to choose wholesome ready meals, even for sportsmen and women

Pay attention to the label

Less is more: the shorter the list of ingredients, the better the ready meal you are about to bring to the table. It's just like at home: the best meals are those we prepare by carefully selecting a few high-quality ingredients. It is important that the ready meal contains at least two of the main ingredients of the diet: vegetables, protein or carbohydrates. To complete the meal, add the missing element. If, for example, you choose to eat our Artichokes and Tuna starter, add some good crusty bread to complete the meal!

Take your meals slowly

How many times have we heard our nights make this recommendation? It's a very valuable recommendation and one that should be followed. Taking our meals slowly, taking a break, has definite advantages. The most important one? When we take our time at the table, we feel fuller and eat less. After training it is important to stop, even if only for a snack.

Eating fruit is a good habit

A ready meal is certainly practical. At the end of a run in the open air, or just after returning from a nice ride on your bike, having something ready to eat is very convenient. Even if you choose to eat a ready-made meal, don't forget to eat fruit. An apple in the middle of the morning or in the afternoon, pineapple, pears, peaches... So that you don't get too hungry for your main meals, a healthy snack is all you need. Especially if you are a sportsman!

Ready-made food does not mean 'ready to eat'!

Ready-to-eat food is not always convenient: some require cooking, or simply need to be reheated before consumption. Be careful to choose convenience as well as authenticity. If you want to do an outdoor workout, it would be unpleasant after all to find out that your lunch cannot be eaten because you don't have... an oven with you! A word of advice? For your fitness session, go for the Ghiotto: porcini mushrooms, tuna and a few natural, wholesome ingredients.

And now the question you've been waiting for: are convenience foods bad for you?

You've no doubt heard about it, and opinions have been mixed. Are convenience foods bad for you? Should they be avoided by sports people? It's difficult to give a straightforward answer. A good diet should be varied, so if you don't just consume convenience foods, you are certainly safe! A key factor in assessing convenience food? The selection of ingredients.

Starting with genuine, guaranteed raw materials makes it possible to prepare quality ready meals. We have always taken care of this choice: natural tuna steaks and tasty vegetables of guaranteed origin and certified quality. A lot of manual work, craftsmanship, scrupulous packaging: the lighter the process, the better.

Ghiotto Galfrè has chosen to work on the ingredients with a large manual component. Our employees clean and prepare the porcini mushrooms themselves, as well as the artichokes. They are placed in the jars one by one, allowing careful control of each ingredient. The historic sauce we use to flavour our specialities is also light - in fact, very light! We use only Italian tomatoes, fresh herbs and a dash of olive oil. In short, if you work with care (at home and on the farm), the result can only be a good and healthy product.