Discover the new Shop Ghiotto Galfrè: delicious goodness just a click away!

We like good things: also online! This is why we have renewed our shop and now making a greedy shopping is even easier.

There are things that never change: the careful care and scrupulous selection with which we prepare the specialties Ghiotto Galfrè, for example. And then there are others that revolutionize everyday life, such as online shopping.

A few days ago our new Shop is online. You can find it directly on the site: buy delicious specialties Ghiotto Galfrè has never been so simple! Today you can find our delicacies in your trusted store, in the best supermarkets or here on the site. The shop also gives you the opportunity to buy unique products, difficult to find through the usual sales channels.

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Ghiotto Galfrè: a convenient online store

For our shop we thought first of all about the simplicity of use and practicality. To access, simply click on the Shop Online button, choose the products you prefer using the "add to cart" button and proceed to the virtual checkout by clicking on "proceed with checkout". You can buy classic specialties or go for packaging: choose the Gourmet Tasting Box to have at home the flavors that have made the history of our company, or the Gift Box for moments of celebration with a Made in Italy taste. Delicious goodness that have conquered thousands of good forks comfortably in your home... just a click!.

Ghiotto Galfrè: an online store always open

One of the main advantages of ecommerce is that you can make purchases whenever you want, anytime of the day... or night! The online shop is always open, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Just browse through the products and choose the ones you prefer. We’ll take care of everything else!

Highest quality, maximum safety

If you know Ghiotto Galfrè, you know how careful we are to choose quality ingredients, how much we trust in the experience and ability of masters of taste who have collaborated with us for generations to prepare our delicious goodness. The same scrupulous attention, the same security can be found on our website. Make purchases in total serenity, knowing that we have relied on advanced protocols that secure every transaction and every sending of data. Just like in your trusted store!

Ghiotti Gifts: for a special occasion give the Made in Italy

The holidays are approaching: why not give a taste of the authentic tradition of the territory? Choose one of our delicious products, or a selection of Ghiotto Galfrè specialties for your gifts. The best experience of the flavors of the territory will give your gift a special touch. An author’s thought... for an unforgettable occasion on the table!