How to organise the perfect picnic?

The arrival of summer is an invitation that is hard to resist: find out how to organise the perfect picnic with our tips

A sunny day, a charming meadow in the hills or mountains, simple traditional flavours and the pleasure of sharing time with special people: this is the perfect picnic. You need to be well prepared to enjoy an afternoon of relaxation and small pleasures to be enjoyed in company. We've put together a special guide for your next picnic - you'll find everything you need to make it a success!

A mouth-watering menu

Choose the menu for your picnic: colour, taste and simplicity will be the guidelines to follow to prepare delicious dishes. Do you know how the term picnic came about? It comes from the French word piquenicque. The verb piquer means to take, to steal, and the term nique means small things. A habit based on frugality: choosing simple ingredients from the kitchen and eating them outdoors. Finger food is great for picnics: it can be eaten without cutlery! Skewers of cherry tomatoes and mozzarella, potato croquettes, cold meats and cheeses lend themselves perfectly to this type of occasion. You can also prepare single-serving glasses to serve with a teaspoon: for example, you could prepare a tasty rice salad with PO, which is perfect when combined with olives and finely sliced artichokes. PO is a perfect starter for the picnic: the traditional starter combines vegetables, tuna and sauce for a fresh treat to eat with friends on a nice day outdoors.

Refrigerated bag

Carry the goodies you've prepared in a cooler with one or more siblings to keep the food at the right temperature. Place airtight containers inside with the ingredients for your picnic. Each course will be kept cool, ready to be served and eaten outdoors. Leave some space for drinks as well, or use a separate cooler for them too. And why not bring a bottle of wine too - preferably a light white wine to accompany your outdoor meal and serve a glass to your friends. And don't forget your corkscrew!

Accessories: the must-haves

Dining on a lawn or in a picnic area means enjoying a beautiful day in the open air, surrounded by a magnificent natural setting. It means being kind to nature: and being kind to nature also (and above all) means not leaving polluting waste lying around! Choose biodegradable or reusable cutlery and crockery. There are many different types of cutlery and crockery, and reusable accessories are the best... and most economical! Of course, because by the time you get back to organising a picnic, you'll already have everything you need to make it a success. There are complete solutions that include everything you need for a picnic lunch outdoors, or you could just get the few things you need. Don't forget a blanket and tablecloth. First days of sunshine? Sun cream will come in handy. If there are little ones at the picnic, bring a deck of cards or a game to play together after lunch. A small kit with plasters and disinfectant can also come in handy, as well as insect repellent.

Where to go?

A trip out of town can open up horizons to small, pleasant discoveries: enchanting places just a few steps away from home, which we have passed by a million times without realising their beauty. If you want to be on the safe side, take a look at Area Picnic: you will find a list of equipped areas throughout the country. Sea, mountains, hills... the ideal location is whatever you prefer, what really counts is finding your own pleasant natural oasis where you can spend a few hours away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Keep an eye on the weather

You have chosen the menu, you have prepared the cooler bag with all the dishes you have prepared (and with the Ghiotto Galfrè specialities you love), the location has been decided, you have all the necessary accessories: all that remains is to set a date. An eye on the weather is a must if you don't want to run into some minor inconvenience: no one wants to escape from a sudden downpour trying to save the dishes they have prepared so carefully! Rely on the weather service that you prefer and that you usually use, then check the Aeronautica Militare service. Check two or three days before leaving: close to the date chosen, the forecast will be much more accurate.

Ready to go for the first picnic of the season? With our guide to the perfect picnic, we're sure you'll have a great time! Share on social networks the pictures of your first #GhiottoPicnic: it will be great to inspire and be inspired for the next outing with Ghiotto Galfrè!