The manifest of the good and light schiscetta

Quick lunch break at the office: the risk of a sandwich rush is always just around the corner! In order not to miss out on a wholesome and nutritious meal, find out how to prepare a good and light schiscetta

Work often keeps us away from home, forcing us to take a quick and not always food-friendly lunch break. To get around this problem, the schiscetta comes to our rescue: we decide on the menu! How to prepare a healthy and tasty office lunch? Just follow our Manifesto for a good and light schiscetta!

First rule: Don't give up a portion of vegetables

Vegetables are good for you and help to keep your spirits up. Yes, because thanks to the valuable nutrients they contain, they give us all the energy we need to fight off even the darkest of work days. Of course, they are not enough on their own... But they are a good starting point.

The Ghiotto Galfrè tip

Choose seasonal vegetables, at least two or three times a week. Raw or cooked, let your taste inspire you: the important thing is that they are never missing from the ingredients in your lunchbox.

Second rule: Carbohydrates, mon amour!

We are Italians: don't take pasta away from us! Or at least, we don't give up pasta and bread during our lunch at work. We alternate: one day we can eat pasta (or rice), the next day bread, and so on. For pasta, always cook it al dente: we often have to heat it up in a microwave oven, or with an electric food warmer. It is better to drain it more than al dente, to avoid it being overcooked when the time comes to eat it.

The Ghiotto Galfrè tip

In summer, rice or pasta salads with one of our tuna and vegetable specialities. We take care of the taste, you take care of the line: your good (and light) schiscetta will have everything you need for a balanced and tasty lunch.

Third rule: Protein, energy to taste

Mix meat (preferably white), fish, pulses and cheese. A good schiscetta never repeats itself, also because the customer is very demanding. It's you! Play with the preparations: cooking, temperature, flavourings, spices, ingredients. To make the dish more appetising, indulge your imagination and let yourself be inspired by readings, tips, culinary discoveries made here and there. It will be easier to ensure variety on the plate (or in the schiscetta!).

The Ghiotto Galfrè tip

Prepare a weekly menu for your schiscetta. If you do this in advance, it will be easier to organise everything from shopping to meal preparation. What's more, your weekly menu will be replicable, and you will only have to devise another one when you feel like experimenting with new dishes.

Fourth rule: lunch savers

Let's face it: good intentions are sometimes not enough. It can happen that we find ourselves the night before without the ingredients we need to cook the dish we had in mind, and the risk of having to make do with a snack from the vending machine increases exponentially. Never fear: having a well-stocked larder can be the ideal solution to deal with emergencies like this. All you need is one of Ghiotto Galfrè's ready meals: cooked with selected ingredients, respecting tradition and with that pinch of flavour that makes them unique.

The Ghiotto Galfrè tip

Choose Tuna and Vegetables for a light but energetic lunch. Don't give up taste: Yellow Fin tuna fillets are tasty and good to bite into, the vegetables are cooked to perfection and the sauce that accompanies this ready-made dish has been our trademark since the early 1900s. A secret recipe: Emilian tomatoes, vegetables, herbs and a drop of the vinegar we age in barrels. Your schiscetta will make colleagues envious: and who knows, maybe it will become a source of inspiration for others too!