5 tricks for an irresistible mushroom risotto

Preparing a good mushroom risotto is not difficult if you know how. Here are 5 tricks for an excellent, chef-proof result!

There are risottos and risottos: creamy, with crispy grains and perfect seasoning, or dry and uninviting. The line between first and second courses is a clear one, and sometimes a small misstep can jeopardise a real chef's result. We have put together 5 tricks for cooking a perfect mushroom risotto: simple instructions for bringing to the table a first course that will enchant your guests.

The perfect mushroom risotto in 5 moves

1 - The right pot for every dish

It may sound obvious, but in order to cook a real delicacy, the tools are also important, not just the ingredients. If you want to cook a perfect mushroom risotto, choose the right pan. You'll need a pot with high sides, large enough to hold the rice and cooking stock (three or four fingers high). Prefer aluminium or steel: they spread the heat evenly. If you want the ultimate cooking utensil, choose copper. Hard to find and hard to handle, but guarantees great results!

2 - The best rice

For a good risotto you should choose a rice that releases a good amount of starch, so that you get the right creaminess at the end of cooking. For our mushroom risotto choose Carnaroli, Vialone nano, Arborio or Rosa Marchetti quality.

3 - Stir-frying and roasting

These are two crucial steps: and simultaneous! That's right: you will need two saucepans. One, the one you will use to prepare the rice, you will first use to sauté celery, carrots and onion. The other to toast the rice dry. Proceed as follows: finely chop the vegetables, pour a little extra virgin olive oil into the pan and heat over very low heat. In another frying pan, do not add fat, just heat the bottom (again over low heat). When the oil is hot, add the chopped vegetables and stir with a wooden spoon until the onion has taken on a golden and slightly transparent colour. In the other pan, throw in the rice and heat for a couple of minutes.

This step is very important. It serves to seal the grains, preventing them from breaking up during cooking. The starch will remain inside the rice until, when cooked to the right degree, it starts to be released in a harmonious way. When the stir-fry is ready, add the toasted rice, stir and... move on to the next tip!

4 - Broth... and mushrooms!

Prepare a good amount of vegetable stock in a large pot. You will need it to cook the rice. Bear in mind that the grains will have to be completely covered, and that you will have to add a few minutes before the end of cooking. You will also need to have prepared the mushrooms: they are the protagonists of the first course we are preparing. Use quality dried mushrooms: you will have to soak them and keep the soaking liquid, appropriately filtered. Add the mushrooms halfway through cooking. Mix the stock with the soaking liquid from the mushrooms (two parts stock to one part liquid, until you have used it up). Have you ever tried our packaged dried mushrooms? Ghotto Galfrè cares about mushrooms: we have been dealing with them for more than 100 years. Our dried mushrooms are selected by expert staff, placed by hand in bags (or under glass) and ready to release their typical fragrances and scents as soon as they are rehydrated. When you smell them, you'll fall in love: gourmet's word!

5 - The mantecatura

And here we come to the key step for a perfect mushroom risotto: the mantecatura. First rule of perfect mantecatura: never on the heat. By the time you start to mantecate, the rice will have already left the cooker. Second rule: the butter must be very cold. Only take it out of the fridge when you need to add it. Third rule: Parmesan cheese. Add a good amount, finely grated, and always after the butter. Fourth rule: stir gently, thoroughly, then let the rice rest for a couple of minutes after covering it with the lid.

That's it: your mushroom risotto is ready.

A little video-help for preparing mushroom risotto? Here is our recipe, which will accompany you step by step to achieve an amazing result:

Wanna bet it will be a success?