Mushrooms: good in all seasons

Why you should bring mushrooms to the table (even when the temperature rises and Summer approaches): good, natural and versatile, they are the extra ingredient that makes your recipes shine

Just the thought of them makes your mouth water: fleshy, tasty porcini mushrooms, perfect for a thousand recipes. Of course, when you think of mushrooms, the first image that springs to mind is of a gloomy autumn day. Panorama? A forest at the foot of Monviso, the fairytale place where Ghiotto Galfrè's adventure began. In our family's tradition, mushrooms are something that accompanies us throughout the year: it was precisely to have them available even in the warm seasons that we dreamt up our sauces, which today, as a hundred years ago, are a reality made up of mouth-watering delights and the utmost respect for product quality. Want to find out why mushrooms are good for all seasons? Here are the main reasons!

Why the harvest season lasts all year round

Mushroom picking is a real experience: it allows you to get in touch with nature and experience the changing seasons. Because each time of year gives us the opportunity to find the mushrooms we love. Each type has its own period of development: we have mushrooms that grow in Winter, others that prefer Summer, still others the milder periods of Autumn and Spring. Mushrooms can be cultivated (of course, not all: porcini mushrooms escape this type of constraint!), and this helps to maintain a good quantity of the most common types throughout the year.

Why each type of mushroom has unique characteristics

Mushrooms are not all the same: each variety has its own scents, flavours and suggestions. Porcini mushrooms, Champignons, moss mushrooms, yellow family mushrooms: tasty ingredients for a thousand recipes. There are some species that are at their best in cold preparations, others are particularly suitable for rich sauces or tasty side dishes. There are very versatile mushrooms, perfect in whatever way you choose to cook them. We at Ghiotto Galfrè deeply love these fruits of the earth: we know them well, and we try to make the most of them in every product we prepare.

Why are they particularly suitable for canning

When the season is generous and mushrooms abound, it is impossible to consume them all fresh. It was precisely because of such a situation that our founder Lorenzo Galfrè decided to preserve the mushrooms he had picked in order to be able to distribute them even after a while. Thus the first pickles and preserves in our history were born. Only the best oil and careful manual processing make it possible to preserve the superior quality guaranteed by Ghiotto Galfrè.

A precious ally for preserving dried mushrooms? Heat! If in the past it was the sun that made drying possible, today we achieve it with state-of-the-art machinery: heat strips the mushrooms of their liquid part, keeping their flavour and aroma unaltered. A simple rehydration process allows them to be prepared and used in the recipes of your choice.

Why are they the main ingredient in delicious ready-made dishes

When time is short, a ready-made mushroom dish can save your lunch! Mushrooms are low in fat and therefore also suitable for those who want to keep fit. They are rich in minerals (especially selenium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus). They also contain antioxidants and help the cardiovascular system. Ghiotto Galfrè trifle mushrooms are an excellent side dish for your main courses, while our porcini mushroom and tuna speciality is a balanced, tasty and inviting dish. Porcini mushrooms in oil, available either whole or sliced, can become a tasty aperitif, or the extra ingredient to make rice salad or pizza special. Even a mushroom cream, perfect for inviting canapés, is a great way to turn a home Happy Hour into a gourmet event.

Under oil, dried, ready-to-eat in ready meals prepared according to traditional recipes: there are endless ways to consume mushrooms. Rely on Ghiotto Galfrè and choose our products: your recipes will be a success, guaranteed by real experts!