Tuna and artichokes: not just sandwiches!

Ever-present in grandma's pantry, artichokes in oil are a must in Italian cuisine. With the addition of tuna, they become a passepartout for endless preparations. Let's discover together which ones

The scent of a freshly opened conserve of artichoke hearts in oil: the fragrant aroma of the oil, the inviting appearance of the compact artichokes, the voluptuousness that grips us as we wait to take our first bite. Who doesn't love artichokes in oil? They are a traditional classic, even among those who make preserves with their own hands.

If we add tuna to this ancient recipe, the result can only be stunning. And not only because of the delicious sandwiches that can be prepared: it is a delicious starting point for many recipes. Let's see together why, and to which dishes it can really give a special touch.

Artichokes in oil: an identikit

One of the best-loved homemade preserves, artichokes in oil have many variants in Italy: Neapolitan style (with chilli pepper and oregano), Sicilian style (with celery and lemon), according to the classic Sardinian recipe (exclusively with the typical Sardinian spiny artichoke, oil and salt), country style (with parsley, garlic and mint) and many more. The procedure for preparation is always the same: the artichokes are carefully cleaned, eliminating the tougher leaves and removing the central fluff, blanched in water and vinegar for a few minutes, and then removed, into glass jars filled with oil and, to taste, spices and salt.

The canning tradition was born to prolong the life of seasonal vegetables for long periods of time. Home pasteurisation and the creation of vacuum by heat allowed vegetables to be consumed months after harvesting, keeping them aside for all seasons. Today, there is no longer the need to cook and store food in the pantry for long periods of time: home canning has become a family tradition, or a passion that is repeated year after year. And then there are those who, like us, have made it a mission as well as a job! Yes, because at Ghiotto Galfrè that for pickles is a real vocation: a family history, born many years ago, that has combined necessity and the cult of good food, giving life to small delicacies that we still like to cook and share today. Artichokes in oil are one of our workhorses: and not just for sandwiches!

Tuna: from home preserve to base for a thousand recipes

Yes, tuna has also been a home-made preserve. A popular ingredient, prepared according to a recipe in vogue in towns where fishing was an important source of livelihood. Preparing it was very simple: after carefully washing the tuna steak, it was boiled for a long time, then drained and cooled. Finally, it was pressed into glass jars. Covered with oil, salt and any seasonings, it was sealed and placed away from direct light and heat. Before eating it, it was necessary to wait at least a month: in this way the tuna meat had time to absorb the scent and flavour of the preservation liquid, becoming tastier.

Today, the habit of putting tuna under glass is certainly less common: it is much more convenient to buy ready-made preserves! Just as if you were preparing it yourself, proceed with care when choosing one from the supermarket shelves. Especially if the conserve you are looking for has not only tuna, but also vegetables.

A classic example is tuna with artichokes. Do you know why? Because, together, they can become a real delicacy, and a combination of excellence perfect for many preparations.

A few examples?

Tuna and artichokes: a special touch to a thousand recipes! A classic: sandwiches with mayonnaise, tuna and artichokes. A veil of mayonnaise, meaty flakes of tuna and irresistible artichokes. What more could you ask for?

With pasta: for a hot dish or a summer pasta salad, tuna and artichokes are a tasty and healthy condiment.

Pizza: That's right: tuna and artichokes can garnish your homemade pizza, giving it flavour, aroma and colour. A simple and fresh rice salad: If you are short of time to prepare your schiscetta, or want a light meal to eat at the beach, a rice salad with tuna and artichokes has everything you need for a nutritious and healthy meal.

With lettuce and olives: create a tasty and mouth-watering salad. The watchword: creativity and lightness. For example, why not try a tasty Caesar salad?

Savoury pie: with puff pastry, diced vegetables (aubergines and carrots, for example) and tuna and artichokes you can make a tasty savoury pie. Bake in the oven and serve cold. Mouth-watering!


If you are looking for a quick and tasty ready-made dish, or if you would like to try your hand at cooking one of the recipes we have suggested, try our Artichokes and Tuna: only Italian artichokes, fine yellowfin tuna packed by hand to keep the steaks firm and compact, the exclusive sauce that has been used for generations at Ghiotto Galfrè, made with Italian tomatoes, vegetables and fresh herbs.

We are sure it will carve out a place for itself in your pantry: and, who knows, perhaps inspire some new recipe of your own invention!