Quick and easy recipes

Short on time and hungry? Galfrè can help you out with some appetising recipes, very quick to prepare and perfect for any occasion

Let's face it: very often the time available to prepare a lunch or dinner is very little. The risk? Repeating the same dishes over and over again, making boredom triumph in the kitchen.

With our quick and easy recipes, no more monotony on the table.

We have selected for you some recipes that are very easy to prepare and different from the usual, suitable even for those who approach cooking with a certain hesitancy. You don't need to be a master chef to prepare them: here is a series of appetising and nutritious dishes that can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. Click on the dish you prefer and you will find the detailed recipe in the Galfrè Cookbook, right here on our website. Ready? Here they are!

Quick and easy recipes: ready in 10 minutes

For an aperitif with friends, or for a complete and tasty one-pot meal, you don't need to spend whole days preparing. Choose a delicious Mushroom Aperitif or a Caesar Salad with artichokes and mushrooms and you're done.

The Mushroom Aperitif requires only 3 ingredients: Delicious Tuna with Porcini MushroomsArtichokes & Tuna and some fresh bread.

The Caesar Salad with Artichokes and Mushrooms requires a few more ingredients, but the result will be spectacular. A revised and corrected version of the American kitchen classic, invented almost a hundred years ago by Cesare Cardini: there is indeed a pinch of Italy even in one of the most international of recipes.

Quick and easy recipes: ready in 20 minutes

Let's start with a series of appetisers that are so delicious, they could become true one-dish meals. Ghiotto bruschetta: delicious oven-toasted bread canapés with a cream-based cream, Parmesan cheese and Ghiotto Tuna with porcini mushrooms. In a word: sublime!

Panna Cotta al Gorgonzola e Tutto Funghi: here we enter by right into the world of the most refined preparations, those little masterpieces of the kitchen that will allow you to make your way into the hearts of the sweetest of eaters. This recipe is really tasty and inviting, and you will only need 20 minutes to bring it to the table!

Do you want an appetiser that is almost a one-dish meal, also perfect for athletes who watch their figure? Try the Bresaola Roses with Parmesan mousse, artichokes and mushrooms. Strong flavour, the right amount of nutrients and a simply irresistible appearance.

Let's move on to two quick and easy, full-flavoured pasta dishes. When the days are getting warmer and you are looking for an alternative to the classic rice salad, try our recipe for Cous Cous al Po Verdure with tuna and saffron. Fresh, tasty and with a hint of style: the addition of precious saffron gives the dish a refined and mouth-watering flavour.

Why give up a classic? Here is the recipe for delicious Tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms. Fresh pasta enhances the flavour of porcini mushrooms, capturing and retaining the aromas and taste of the tastiest mushrooms. We selected them ourselves: you can trust Galfrè!

Quick and easy dishes: ready in 30 minutes

If you have half an hour to cook, the quick and easy dishes you will find in this section will leave you speechless. And mouth-watering!

Unleash your creativity: prepare a rich and colourful appetiser by choosing from the Conchiglioni gratinati, which you can serve in spoon-shaped porcelain bowls for chic Happy Hour at home.

The Paccheri al Ghiotto combine the strong tone of porcini mushrooms with the delicate freshness of fresh ricotta flavoured with chives: an easy and creamy gourmet aperitif to lick your lips.

You can bring two mouth-watering appetisers to the table: Savoury Crumble with Condighiotto and Sushi alla piemontese. The Crumble combines layers of taste with different textures: cream cheese, blanched vegetables, delicious Galfrè pickles and crunchy almond and parmesan crumble. Sushi alla piemontese is that dish you don't expect: ethnic and local at the same time. Prepare quenelles of rice flavoured with vinegar, and sprinkle with Galfrè anchovies, meaty and tasty.

A quick and easy first course that can be prepared in half an hour? A true staple of the Italian culinary tradition: Risotto with porcini mushrooms. Follow our recipe step by step and you will serve the best risotto you have ever prepared: creamy sauce, crispy grains, mushrooms with an intense and full flavour, a real triumph for your guests' taste buds!

We conclude our roundup of ready-made dishes in less than 30 minutes with a little treat: Chicken with Cream of Mushroom. There's everything you need to make a great meal: including Condighiotto Galfrè, a mix of delicious, carefully selected ingredients cooked according to tradition. The added value of this dish? Simple: the addition of a tablespoon of Hungarian paprika. An aromatic twist that gives this simple and quick main course refined flavour and overwhelming aroma.

Now you know how to prepare quick and easy dishes that take less than 30 minutes to prepare. If you like our recipes, share them with your friends!