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Ghiotto Natale 1 | 5 specialties

Ghiotto Galfrè introduces a Christmas package that embodies the richness and tradition of Piedmont. Encased in an elegant and refined packaging, these products represent the heart of Piedmontese flavor.


From the "CondiGhiotto", a delicious porcini mushroom condiment, to the tuna enriched with the same exquisite mushroom, each specialty encapsulates the passion and craftsmanship of the brand. The classic "Anchovies in sauce" are included, as well as a surprising pepper and tuna cream. A bag of dried porcini mushrooms rounds out the assortment, making this package an ideal gift for food enthusiasts.

The package contains:

1 Porcino Dry Special Best Wishes (50 g)
1 Whole artichokes in oil | Square jar
1 CondiGhiotto (180 g)
1 Ghiotto (160 g)
1 Pepper and Tuna Cream (140 g)