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Luxury Bag 1 | 3 specialities

Gift the tradition: with Luxury Bag 1 you get three delicious specialties signed by Ghiotto Galfré in an exclusive special packaging. The unparalleled Ghiotto, tuna with porcini mushrooms, the Vegetable Giardiniera in sweet and sour sauce, and our Anchovies in sauce: a small gift for a great lover of local flavors!


We've been preparing delicious specialties for over a hundred years: we've chosen three, enhanced with a special gift packaging and made even more tempting by unmatched value. Luxury Bag 1 is a great idea for those who want to gift a genuine and tantalizing made in Italy.

The package contains:

1 Ghiotto (120 g)
1 Vegetable Giardiniera in sweet and sour sauce (120 g)
1 Anchovies in sauce (50 g)