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Condighiotto | 180g

Homemade, a condiment made with fragrant porcini mushrooms. Ideal to accompany pasta or rice.

Cooked as at home: a drizzle of olive oil, onion, a delicate sauté, Emiliano tomatoes and porcini mushrooms. A classic of our production: tasty and delicate, flavoursome and genuine like the good things of the past.


CondiGhiotto is a great way to impress at the table with pasta so good it will win the hearts of even the most demanding gourmets. We cook it following an ancient recipe based on Italian specialities: onion, olive oil, Emiliano tomatoes and porcini mushrooms. The result?

The result is a fragrant, inviting and tasty condiment, inside which the slices of truffled mushrooms are a mouth-watering pleasure to bite into. The perfect condiment for pasta (especially fresh, home-made pasta), it can also be used to season bread croutons baked in the oven. Heat the jar in a bain-marie and spread a thin layer on slices of bread toasted in the oven: the result will be irresistible.

Ingredients and allergens

Porcini mushrooms (Boletus Edulis and rel. group) 30%, tomato pulp, olive oil, onions, salt. Acidity corrector: lactic acid.

Nutritional Values (per 100 g product)

Energy value 651 kJ / 157 kcal Fat 14 g- of which saturated fatty acids 2.5 g Carbohydrates 5.0 g- of which sugars 1.9 g. Protein 2.4 g. Salt 0.86 g.