Our history

Barge, Piedmont, 1901. Lorenzo Galfré, our ancestor, is a mushrooms dealer who understands the possibility to preserve this delicacy all year long by placing it into “bürnie”, small glass jars in our local dialect, with olive oil. Assisted by his wife Felicita, Lorenzo starts his business on the ground floor of the old family house in the heart of the village. The first recipes like antipasti with tuna and vegetables, mushrooms in olive oil, dried mushrooms, still in use today, are born! Elite shops and restaurants of the capital city Turin, attended by the nobility of that time, become the first customers.

Our brand shows a farmer picking up mushrooms with the Mount Monviso in the background. The logo has been refreshed throughout the years, and today it’s still in use on every packaging, guaranteeing our commitment to continuity and quality.

All the six Lorenzo and Felicita’s children entered the company. The “holy book” of recipes, still guarding major company secrets and recipes nowadays, is taking shape in this period, together with the participation to the first fairs and exhibitions.

The first trucks for goods transportation join the company during postwar period, all branded with the farm girl logo of that time.

The working personnel clening up fresh porcini mushrooms. An ancient ritual that shows our care and attention to quality product.

Mario Galfrè (on the right side), founder’s nephew ans creator of “Ghiotto” Antipasto, during an exhibition with Mr. Rossi, the comany salesman in the 70’s.

Starting from year 1959, the factory is located on the area of the former train station, maintaining the historical massive wall.

1966 is a crucial year for the first posters and advertisements<7b> of “Antipasto Ghiotto”, the appetizer made with tuna fish and porcini mushrooms, still representing the core business of the company today.

In 1995 the company was awarded as founder of “Unione Industriale di Cuneo”. In the picture Mario Galfrè with his wife Maddalena, Confindustria president Antoniotti and the director Mr. Piasco.

In the first years of 2000 the factory was completely renovated following architect Aimaro Isolas’ project.

In 2012 the company received by Camera di Commercio’s president Ferruccio Dardanello the award of Historical Company of Italy. In the picture Maurizio and Luisa Galfrè with Mr. Dardanello and Barge’s mayor Colombatto.

Great importance is always given to domestic market sector fairs, but not of secondary importance is the goal of increasing our presence in foreign markets where the quality of our products, along with the seriousness and competence of the Company, can be appreciated.

Ghiotto Galfré diventa Marchio Storico di Interesse nazionale
In 2022, we received a significant recognition: the Contadinella Ghiotto Galfré, the historic logo of our company, becomes part of the Registry of Historical Trademarks of national interest. The craftsmanship expertise, a way of working that belongs to our tradition and our country, is being highlighted by an initiative aimed at preserving the Made in Italy, which we proudly embrace.

Today we are very proud to introduce our product range all over the world, and we thank all our clients and every person that gave us trust during the past years: we will work hard to serve you with dedication and helpfulness, as much as we can.