Ghiotto Galfrè, the art of tradition.

Funghi Porcini Secchi Ghiotto Galfrè

foto_galfreOur company was founded in 1901 in Piedmont, Barge, at the foot of the hills of Cuneo, a land rich of forest and mushrooms. Galfrè Antipasti has developed, through two centuries, a rich culture of how to treat and preserve these mushrooms, by using natural methods. The founder of our Company Lorenzo Galfrè was a mushroom trader and he and his wife decided to preserve these mushrooms in “burnie” (glass jar) with olive oil in order to be eaten for a whole year.

They started working in a old building in the historical part of the town centre and their home was situated on the floor below. It was an immediate success. Their first customers came from the elite of the Turin shops and the restaurants whicht catared to the nobility of that time. Galfrè’s reputation increased and it became the Royal Family’s supplier in their Racconigi residence, while their mushrooms “Bulè” started to become popular beyond the borders of Piedmont. Naval companies began to make their first orders.

Latta-Porcini-Sott'aceto-Vedova-Galfre-e-FigliAt that point, the family company made a brave decision to make the family business grow. The idea was to write a recipe book with local Piedmontese recipes. This cook book contained the secrets and the original recipes explaining how to prepare the appetizers: a combination of tuna, mushrooms and vegetables, in a typical sauce, by following a secret recipe containing vinegar and fresh aromas, and put in oak barrels.

During World War II, the company’s business slowed down but soon afterwords it developed into an industry. The Galfrè brothers, now grandchildren of its formal founder, established the company on the site in which it still today.


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